Friday, January 28, 2011

Snatched from twitter: Man is a spirit

On Friday 28th January 2011, said:
Do you know who you are? Man is a spirit, he lives in a body, and he possesses a soul. When a person 'dies' in the natural, that means his spirit&soul;has departed from his body.
Your body resembles your spirit. Your body is like a form-fitting cat suit that takes the shape of your spirit. Your body is your home on earth. It is what makes you legally able to function in this physical realm.

Your soul has the attributes you acquire while here on earth. It comprises of your mind, emotions and will.

Your spirit is the real you. It is your very essence. Your spirit is what God created in His image(meaning you look like Him) and his likeness (meaning you function like Him). He made your body after creating you.

Your spirit has the task of formulating your path, after searching the commands you've given it. Your spirit is not your mind. It can communicate with your mind(through your connection with God's Spirit) but it's not your mind.

So how do you give your spirit a command to direct your path? You do so by the WORDS you speak and give ear to, and by the images you imbibe.
If your language is one of defeat, death, destruction etc, that is what your life will look like. That is the course you will travel. Where you are in life today is in direct relation to what words you heard and spoke yesterday. It is the picture you played yesterday.

Your spirit has the properties of air. All spirit is like the wind. Very few people allow themselves to see spirits, so it's very likely that you wont see spirits (unless you're a small child who doesn't debate spiritual existence and as such, hasn't disallowed seeing the spiritual)

We are not natural beings having a spiritual experience. Instead, we are spirits having a natural experience.

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