Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spiritual Guidance: WHAT IS MY PURPOSE

 I came across a blog last week where a woman said she didn't know her reason for existence. She didn't know her purpose. Below was my response to her. I thought I'd share it as a post in the event that you had similar questions...

Purpose. Why are you here, YOU, this very YOU. Your consciousness, your awareness, your ME-ness.

I asked that when I was ten years old, but I didn't realize the answer until 5 years later. There is only ONE purpose for all mankind, and that is to dwell in God's love. To have fellowship with Him. To commune with Him and to bring others to Him. But I'm jumping ahead of myself...

First, you have to understand yourself and ask these questions.
1. What are you most excellent at?

2. What can YOU DO that most others find difficult?

3. What people/societal NEED do you SEE that haunts/bothers you (i.e what are you most passionate about)?

4. How can you use that talent/gift of yours that others lack, to change/impact that societal/people circumstance?

5. And How can you use it to reveal God's glory to people?

Once you can answer these questions of yourself, your purpose will be revealed to you.

But you have to VALUE people. You have to SEE the value in people and have compassion. you have to STOP seeing yourself as a victim or at a disadvantage.
You are privileged to give of yourself. You're a wealthy human being. Live with that consciousness.

And your talents? Don't undersell anything. If your gift is the gift of smiling, give them out freely to brighten someone's day. If it is to make walnut pudding, give walnut pudding to those that hunger/ for financial benefit drives, to bless someone on their birthday, to teach the recipe to students etc.

You could also make a business out of it-- you're adding value to people(or solving [a] problem[s] for them), doing what you love, and it's paying for itself!

God loves you, be blessed!

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