Friday, August 12, 2011

Confessions of Authority and Blessing, Sowing & Reaping - Jerry Savelle

Awareness is key; if you are unaware of your wealth, you'll live like a pauper. Be conscious of your authority in Christ!

Confessions by Jerry Savelle as he taught what he called The Genesis Principle

(Raise your right hand while you make each confession)

I take authority over every demonic assignment against my life.
I take authority over sickness and disease;
over marital problems;
over attacks on my family;
over my job; my business, my finances and my future.

Satan you're not  my god, you have NO authority over me.
My Bible tells me that If I resist you then you MUST flee.
Therefore I resist you in the authority of the Name of Jesus Christ.
You bow your knees to the Lordship of Jesus and stay out of my life!

Hallelujah! Glory Be to the Almighty God!

The blessing of the Lord is on my life and it is there for good!
I'm the seed of Abraham (Galatians 3:6-9); I have a right to be blessed!
I have a right to be blessed coming in;
I have a right to be blessed going out;
in the city; in the field.
I'm the head; not the tail.
I'm above only; I'm never beneath because the blessing's on me!
Everything I set my hands to do is blessed!
The blessings on my life makes me rich, prosperous, successful, wealthy, and totally unlimited!!!
In the Name of Jesus Christ, Hallelujah!

I'm a sower. I understand the law of seed-time and harvest.
Every seed I sow has unlimited potential!
Through the sowing of my seed I determine my own destiny.
No devil can stop me from prospering;
No famine, no drought, no bad economy, no recession, can keep me from prospering!
My seed produces harvest!
Abundant harvest!
More than enough harvest!
In the Name of Jesus Christ!
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